Linnea Ashley on May 6th, 2007

there are days and then there are days. yesterday was an friend Z was in town and for once i had activities planned. the big one being jazzfest, an enormous event here in the city. saturday we woke up late, after going to bed really late, and began preparations for the day. i was […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 25th, 2007

Despite my distaste for “you’re beautiful” (although thanks to S and Liz I have a more nostalgic tolerance of it versus my original violent retching) I must admit that I like the james blunt album. Something about the different – bordering on annoying – quality of his voice…I think he uses it well. He merges […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 27th, 2006

I have a friend who jokes about being a miscegenation. He contains multitudes and adamantly refuses to be put into a little American box meant to define him The zed, at least Auckland, is a lesson in that same kind of hybrid. On campus, very few people check a single box. This afternoon while lolling […]

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