Linnea Ashley on March 13th, 2008

The sky, dotted with fluffs of gray-white clouds, is a washed out blue. The trees are lined with shiny green leaves blowing in an eager wind. And I sit staring out of a single paned window wondering when life makes the most sense, when life’s choices and chances seem less arbitrary and more methodical? Wondering […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 18th, 2008

this article represents my need to keep an open mind…the importance of reading on even when i think i know how the story ends…because sometimes i’m pleasantly wrong.

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Linnea Ashley on February 13th, 2008

it is small and vulnerable…the fragility of an exposed nerve or the fluff of dandelions. one wrong move or wayward breath and it scatters to the wind. that is the nature of hope. of belief. holding my breath as the results come in on CNN and i am at once terrified and relieved. terrified that […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 24th, 2007

i think most people fear impermanence. the concept of change is the source of consternation. even if what is known is bad – the idea that what lies beyond is unknown makes it worse. i am the opposite. in my world – the only constant was change. each new move prepared me for the inevitable […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 25th, 2007

Everyone says that searching for a job is full time work. And on the surface I shake my head in agreement. It, like work, consumes my thoughts even when five o’clock rolls around. It, like work, forces me to spend long hours in front of the computer screen typing out memos of sorts. But it, […]

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Linnea Ashley on May 28th, 2007

i’ve been gone for a moment…so much going on – good and bad. mostly it is unknown. among them, searching for employment. as such, i’ve decided to put this thing on restricted viewing until i am gainfully employed (starting wednesday). if you aren’t in the system so i can add you and you’d like to […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 25th, 2007

i stand on the brink of graduation. and instead of excitement i am filled with a certain amount of dread. once again i am faced with the daunting process of deciding “what next?”. the dreaded question that always accompanies graduation or any closing of one door in preparation for the opening of…door, window, mouse hole…and […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 15th, 2007

my wandering ways are not new. as a military brat we moved a fair bit. i said hello and goodbye enough to get used to the taste – even to like it. as much as saying goodbye sucks, saying hello is scary and interesting and full of potential. mistakes made get to be learned from […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 25th, 2006

family gatherings are always interesting – especially when i’ve been away. it is so easy to forget the quirks and nuances of family. the things that bring us together – wedge us to opposing sides – and love each other in spite of and because of it all. this holiday season is not different. at […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 27th, 2006

i’ll be returning to my temporary roots soon…and in doing so it is the time to begin searching for an apartment in new orleans. an easy enough task, craigslist is full of apartments of all kind…however the rent is the real stunner. i had heard about the skyrocketing prices of new orleans aprtments and such, […]

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